Most of my subs, slaves, sissyboys, clients and friends often describe me as ‘Amazonian’. This is, I am assuming is because of my stature, height and strength, if you have had the pleasure of meeting me you will know this already…

In Greek mythology, Amazonian women were a tribe of female warriors. They were the daughters of the Greek gods Ares and Harmonia.

I have always loved reading about Greek Mythology, and this is why I choose the name ‘SELENE’ meaning ‘Goddess of the Moon’ strong, beautiful and bright.

When people refer to me as ‘Amazonian’ it reminds me of my strength and the power that women can hold over men. When in heels I stand at well over 6ft tall and I feel that not only can I captivate men I can also destroy them!

Powerful yet Sensual, I am all that an amazonian woman represents. Amazonian women fought and died like men with lion hearts, they battled better and wilder than any man could.

When I am dominating a man I feel this power and I understand why people see me as Amazonian, I am able to control any situation, standing sure that I am the most powerful person in the room. Confident in my abilities to make men crumble and submit in every way to me.

When you are worshipping me at my feet, I am at my best, why blend in when you naturally meant to stand out from the crowd?

Come and find out what it is like to be entirely dominated, submit to and be seduced by a true amazonian goddess……