Jet Star in dark underwear
star shape

Jet Star

Fantasy Wrestling

I am a highly skilled in Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsui and Grappling. I am the real deal, an Arabian Goddess – I have spent many years perfecting my skills in martial arts and combat sports so I know what I am doing and can offer sessions that range between complete fantasy right the way up to semi competitive. I love getting hot and sweaty. Sessions with me are on another level. Do you love being thrown around like a rag doll? Lifted and carried around easily? :)))) I can be playful and fun or rough and severe. My muscular thighs will have you begging for mercy or craving for more.

Persian Princess

Jet Star in white underwear and stockings
star shape
Jet Star wrestling in black underwear

I can be the queen of mean or a beautiful wrestling goddess. If you are very lucky you may get both!

All your limits will be respected, well most of the time πŸ˜‰

One of my signature moves is the reverse scissors, because I haven’t met a man yet that can take the pressure of my legs wrapped around his neck without begging for mercy. Another favourite of mine is the figure four body lock because with my long legs there is no chance of escape, then again will you even want to?

Contact Jet Star

My availability is Thursdays and Fridays. Other days can be agreed by mutual arrangement however a supplement will be payable.

For all bookings a non-refundable deposit will be required.


07398 020265




My preferred method of booking is to initially send me a brief text or a WhatsApp message outlining your requests. Then once the deposit is paid the date and time we be agreed and individual requirements can be discussed via email or phone.