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by Slave M on Blank Business Name
Breathtaking Mistress

Wow where to begin.I was fortunate enough to session with Goddess Selene recently and I must say that she completely rocked my mind, body and soul.I built up the nerve to contact Mistress one evening and it appeared like time had frozen when the phone began to ring. Mistress’ mannerism is extremely polite & courteous and her hypnotic voice calmed my nerves to a level where I could schedule a session with Mistress. Everything was handled very professionally from initial contact where Mistress texted me to confirm the booking with an approximate address being sent. She also texted a set of preparatory instructions which set the scene nicely for the upcoming session.I was a complete novice going into the session and outlined what my interests were in an email sent to Goddess Selene which were accommodated to perfection during the session. The appointment was confirmed in the morning of the scheduled session with Mistress through text and the actual address was revealed upon arrival to the area of the premises.Upon arriving to the entrance, Mistress greeted me at the door and it was at this moment where I was truly taken aback by her beauty and stunning physique, to a point where I could not get my words out! Her height and toned figure alone gets the adrenaline pumping along with Goddess’ tantalising attire. Like many others have said, the photos do not do Goddess any justice compared to meeting her in the flesh! Mistress was very welcoming and was obviously aware of my intense nerves, however her comforting smile and polite mannerism did more than enough to calm these feelings as she leads you towards the chambers where the session will take place. The premises is very discreet and well equipped with the decor inside definitely setting the mood nicely with Mistress’ arsenal of toys amorously on display.Mistress Selene is a natural and talented dominant demanding respect and servitude during the session. I knew I was in for it when the comforting smile turned into a devious one whilst you are kneeling before Goddess, completely at her mercy. She is extremely efficient at finding out what makes you tick and will exploit this to full advantage. Her soft and hypnotic voice puts you in a trance like state, planting seeds of submission which quickly bloom as you find yourself unable to resist her commands. Mistress gets in deep into your head and given Mistress’ elite stature, this adds to the deep psychological domination.There are a vast range of toys which Goddess will use efficiently to break your mind & will, moulding you into her complete submissive plaything. Her technique is remarkable: teasing you softly at first, lulling you into a false sense of security before promptly putting you in your place. Mistress has the endurance of an athlete and she will punish you, but if you do a good job and please Mistress then you will be rewarded with the opportunity to worship Goddess’ magnificent figure which was one of the major highlights of the session by far.Mistress Selene is really friendly to converse with out of the session and shows an actual interest in who you are and what draws you in to this intriguing world of BDSM. This was important to me as it allowed me to express myself in a manner never done so before and leaves me desiring more. Every day since the session I have been thinking about serving Goddess further and I hope to achieve this soon.I must say it was an absolute pleasure serving Goddess and I thank Goddess Selene immensely for allowing me to explore my submissive side to great effect, I’ve never felt so alive in a long long time. I can’t wait to schedule another session in the near future.If you’re a novice like me with a great interest in this field or even an experienced sub, take the plunge and let Mistress Selene guide you through the path of deviance and submission. Rest assured you will not regret it.

Fantasies made real

I had thought about visiting a Mistress for a long time but always found a reason not to....until a few days ago and I'm so glad I did!I had emailed Goddess Selene to check her availability and tell her what I was looking for. I text to confirm on the day and received an approximate address and was then instructed to phone for entry. The whole situation seemed very cloak and dagger which only added to the excitement.From the moment I tripped over the step walking in, to the moment I left, I felt safe and reassured in Mistress Selene's capable hands. She had me wrapped around her finger instantly and was able to control me purely through her natural dominance, beauty and absolutely stunning physique.As it was my first time and I had a limited time frame, I had booked a short session. Despite this I had described a large number of fantasies to Mistress. I didn't think it was possible but she fulfilled all these requests and more without once making it feel rushed and I'm sure we must have run over the time. She really did go above and beyond what I ever dreamed of. For example, I had requested to be paraded around and she did this in spectacular fashion!I had planned on my session being a one off but I'm now hopelessly addicted and can't wait to return to her. If your not sure whether to book a session, I urge you to go ahead and do it. Goddess Selene is everything and so much more than I ever expected! She's an incredible woman!

by Bobbie on Blank Business Name

GODDESS SELENEBeen to see my BEAUTIFUL ,DOMINEERING,INTELLIGENT mistress yet again she like a MAGNET drawing you in with her special powers.Her skills are endless she even put up a fight with me trying to tie me down then came the WRESTLING match on the floor,you probably know who got the better of how she so strong and powerful .GODDESS SELENE photo's don't do her JUSTICE she is even better in person!! Yes she’s BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT but when you meet her ..... WOW she’s a BEAUTY.

by Bobbie on Blank Business Name

I found the mistress of my dreams GODDESS SELENE strong powerful and well spoken.Reading Mistress Selene website will make you think she’s special I certainly did believe me
The first time I sessions with Selene I just couldn’t believe how good she was and every session since then has got better and better. I can say my last session with SELENE was one I’m not going to forget for sometime.I ended up going to this place far far away on a mission to another galaxy.GODDESS SELENE was in the pilot seat I was strapped in tight we were ready for blastoff! Pilot SElENE started gently on the power until the burners were all warmed up and then she increased the turbocharged engines until the back burners were glowing bright red! Some time later I finally got to that special galaxy with the voice of my pilot in my head l floated to and fro,I didn’t care about anything else in the world right now but then I heard pilot SELENE report from mission control the time in space had to come to an end and my journey back home to earth had to happen with SELENE by my side nursing me back down her gentle voice talking me back down from the mission back to the real world .
It was not a dream it really happened! I will definitely visit again, Goddess Selene is an experienced pilot and it doesn’t cost a million dollars to get there ..

by Jack Bridges on Blank Business Name
That Friday Feel

That Friday FeelOne should be kneelAnd worship that heelThat god it’s FridayAnd time to obeyAs It is your QueenMistress Selene!!

by Jack Bridges on Blank Business Name

Dear Goddess SeleneYour in my every dreamYou are number oneThe Beautiful AmazonI think of you each dayHaving your wayMy monster is yoursI’m on all foursReady to pleaseOn my knees...I have no sayI just obeyThe Strap OnOf Beautiful Amazon

by Jack Bridges on Blank Business Name
First Sight

I finally made the callwas about to give my allnervous & excitement from head to feettime has come to meetMistress SeleneGoddess SeleneI'm at the door rang the bellA six foot four bombshellThe longest legs I've ever seenI'm in awe of Goddess SeleneA supermodel before my eyesthis is what I fantasizeThigh boots corset magnificent titsstunning body luscious lipsGoddess has the powerI'm going to love this hour...wish it could go on for ever..In Goddess's land of never never....

by Jack Bridges on Blank Business Name

Dear Goddess SeleneYour in my every dreamYour number onebeautiful amazonI think of you each dayHaving your wayMy monster is yoursI’m on all foursReady to pleaseOn my knees...Your JackXx

by The Clamper on Blank Business Name
Amazonian Goddess

I sessioned with Mistress Selene for an hour very recently and found her to be a very commanding Mistress. The arrangements were handled very professionally & promptly with directions to her premises given on the morning of the session. The premises are discreet, not overlooked and very extensive.Mistress Selene's physical stature, particularly her height & build, were major factors in wanting to submit to her and she dressed to accentuate these attributes very well - following her upstairs to the dungeon rooms was almost worth the tribute alone!I had outlined a roleplay scenario as well as preferences and limitations to Mistress by e-mail prior to the session and she embraced everything very well indeed. Mistress built tension through the session very well bringing it to a fantastic climax.Mistress is very friendly and is in stunning physical condition - very toned indeed. A mixture of fortunate genetics and hard work it appears!I made a 110 mile detour and added 4 hours to my working day to engineer the opportunity to see her - was she worth it? Absolutely she was and similar time and effort will be invested again to fulfill other fantasies with her.

An Unforgettable Experience

"After my first excellent and rewarding session with Goddess Selene a while ago, I was eager to return for the next one and although my expectations were high - following the fantastic recent session - I was not disappointed.I had a rather detailed roleplay scenario in mind and Mistress Selene took great care to take in and discuss the details and finer points to make sure this would be perfectly executed.She is a true talent when it comes to bringing role play fantasies to life and making it all appear so real in the end.Rope bondage played an important part in this and Mistress Selene is a real expert here, too.The ropes were applied exactly the right way, with the right strength and efficiency and the bondage looked great, too!I have never felt so comfortably uncomfortable!It's important to point out that on this occasion Mistress Selene was accompanied by the magnificent Mistress Mera, an amazingly talented and beautiful Mistress in her own right, but those two marvelous ladies had such a great chemistry and it was clear to see that they enjoyed this afternoon as much as I did.For all three of us, it was so easy to slip into that fantasy world without much preparation.If you look for a great double domination time, it can't get any better than with those two ladies together, but they are both so good at what they do, you can't go wrong with giving each of them a try on their own, too.It will be an unforgettable experience either way!"

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