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Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
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by Chas on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress

I admit I have been a bit of a flitter when it comes to tops, but I have been stuck with Selene for some time now, and, after a real barnstormer this week, I ask myself why?....Is it because of her beauty and bodily charms?..or is it her positive personality?..or her creativity to make every meet different and fresh?...or is it just because she convinces me that it is our session for both our fun, and not just her fulfilling my requests? .....Who knows?...but I do know one thing, I will be knocking on her door again.

by Mr S. Talker on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
First session review

I consider myself fairly experienced in certain aspects of BDSM and noticed that my particular fetish was a service advertised by goddess Selene. I did my homework via her website and twitter account and she came across as someone who really enjoys what she does which is not always the case in the world of BDSM I can assure you. Anyway after a false start we eventually arranged a session and I arrived at the premises at the agreed time. Part of my enjoyment is visual therefore the mistress has to look the part (just my particular preference). I was greeted at the door by an absolutely stunning mistress with a body to die for!!! After a quick chat the session began. Mistress Selene went fairly slowly at first until she had assessed my tolerance levels but once she had she went into overdrive and used her physique to full advantage in the scenarios we went with. I won't go into detail except to say that it was obvious she enjoyed the session as much as I did. In closing all I would say is that if you have been pondering on booking a session with goddess Selene but have been a bit unsure don't hesitate any longer as you will not be disappointed that I can guarantee. We have already arranged a second longer session so we can explore my fetish a bit deeper. I'm already counting down the days until session number 2!!!!

by Tim on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
Mindblowing Goddess Selene

The session with Mistress Selene started on a very friendly note. She was perfect in dealing with my racing heart and shaky voice. Luckily I had sent some vague ideas, mostly some don'ts upfront, as I knew I would chicken out in person. After agreeing on a safe word, the session started.
I was completely at Mistresses mercy, she had all the power and it was clear from the first minute I would not have a say in any of the activities.

After being dragged from one device to the other I was fixed to a cross, blindfolded and gagged. Well into the session I heard footsteps, door opened and more voices. Mistress brought in another Mistress with her slave into the room. The rest of the session was like a blur and I was in heaven.

Goddess Selene, will definitely be visited during my next stay in Manchester.

See you soon Mistress !

Your sissy, Tammi

by Malky on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
Unrivalled PerfectionπŸ˜‡

Everything you read on Mistress Selene's welcome page is oh so true....

I eagerly awaited my first session and couldn't believe my luck when greeted by the tall statuesque beautiful athletic brunette goddess that ushered me in and soon had me kneeling and kissing her feet. Looking up, Mistress Selene was so much taller than I imagined and without doubt, a truly beautiful striking brunette with smouldering eyes. I was under her spell, hooked and wanted to do anything to please her.

Her intelligent, articulate and sensual seductive approach instantly put me at ease and wanting more and more of the specialist role play we had discussed prior to session.Β  I won't go into details other than to say it was strict, fun, pushed boundaries and mutually satisfying - check out services 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 40, 54, 55 and 58 and use your imagination!

I've seen several dominant mistresses, over a few years, but my session with Mistress Selene was the most innovative and by far the best I've experienced.Β  I can't wait to be granted the opportunity to make another pilgrimage to be owned by a true goddess and accept the most professional and seductively strict session she feels I deserve.

by G on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
The best there is

Having sporadically sessioned with dommes around the North West since my early 20s, I am delighted to announce that - some eight years later - I have now found the ULTIMATE dominatrix experience in Goddess Selene.

I messaged her by chance ahead of our session and was delighted when she decided to call me back. Her professional manner and soothing tone immediately put you at ease.

The session itself was like nothing I have ever experienced. That isn't meant as a negative towards the Dommes I have met in the past, but Goddess Selene is a class above.

I'm 6"1 myself, but what was standing in front of me in her heels and stunning lingerie can only be described as amazonian perfection.

The session itself saw me worship the exquisite body of Goddess Selene while she edged me over and over. Our time together flew by and my only regret is that I didn't book in for longer. I won't make the same mistake again.

Goddess Selene isn't someone who yells at her slaves. She simply doesn't need to. Her overall persona demands your respect and you'd be a fool not to give her your everything.

I can't wait for the next time I meet with this stunning and powerful lady. If you are curious about this scene but want to session with the best there is - look no further.

Goddess Selene is nothing short of perfection.

I can't wait to serve her again in the very near future.

Until then... stay incredible x

by Roxy on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
Amazonian Goddess

Met goddess for my first session, the anticipation built as the day arrived, we had spoken via email and phone on the day to discuss the session and confirm. Once I arrived I was greeted by Goddess who towers over you with her beauty and leads you into a world of pain and euphoria. It is and was a pleasure to worship and please Goddess. If you are seeking a session with her stop thinking and book, from the moment you speak to Goddess and hear her voice it calms all nerves and you are instantly drawn to her.

10/10 from me and I am excited and anxious to serve the beautiful Mistress Selene again soon.

by nicholas on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
wrestling selene

Met Mistress selene recently for a wrestling session in manchester and wow, she really knows how to put on a show. beautiful, athletic, very strong, knows all the moves. Lifted and carried with ease, which I love. very patient, and great banter throughout. 10/10 from me.

by Cherry on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress

Goddess Selene gets under your skin - she's truly exceptionally pretty , combined with a quick witted intelligence , big smile and fun too. So addictive that she should carry a health have been warned πŸ˜‰

by Mathsman on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
Divine Decadence

I'm inexperienced save for one visit to one Mistress. I had searched for a long time to quench the desire that I held within a mutually fulfilling liaison.

To be clear, I did not seek pain but always found the threat of it from a beautiful Dominatrix powerfully alluring.

I researched for a long time, dispatched emails and had telephone conversations. I visited one Mistress prior to Goddess Selene, but left unfulfilled.

I plucked up the courage to call the Goddess. I told her what I would like to try, what I definitely would NOT like to try, and left the middle ground as an undefined ambiguity. Never attempt to "script" a session, this is where magic occurs, - the unknown!

Goddess was very approachable on the phone. She was also clearly very intelligent and one could tell that she would be very elegant upon a meeting.

The time approached and I was extremely nervous. Having been guided into the venue I was met with a vision of Glamazonian proportions. Goddess appeared over 6' feet tall dressed in the most exquisite lingerie.

I was ordered to follow her upstairs and begged my heart not to stop as I followed those glorious buttocks up the stairs. Framed by a suspender belt and stockings, that vision truly belongs in the National Gallery as a work of Art.

We had a brief conversion and Goddess explained that she would return in a few moments. Meanwhile I should get naked and explore my surroundings. Unreal. A St. Andrews Cross, racks of whips, canes & paddles. A restraint bench with hooks. I'd seen all of these online but never in reality.

Goddess returned and ordered me to my knees. She fitted my collar and leash and walked me round the dungeon behind those gloriously exquisite buttocks.

She stopped at The Cross. She chained me to it. She said that she could tell that I had been staring at her Glorious Arse. She explained that every pleasure has a pain cost and grasped my nipples.

Goddess is NOT a shouty Mistress. She doesn't need to shout. One fleeting glimpse of that sublime athletic body and you realise that you no longer own your own testicles.

Strapped to the bench, helpless and spreadeagled Goddess teased me expertly and let me know exactly who was in charge.

A blissful encounter that has left me begging for me. Warning - beware your fantasies - this lady is the real thing x

by Novice 113 on Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
Life changing novice session

It took me three months to gather the bit and pieces of courage to contact Goddess Selene, I was not brave enough to call so I sent her an email instead. The next morning, I received a reply instructing me to call, which again took me few hours to do – not a matter of hesitation at all. Her website is comprehensive and includes all the valuable information any novice would need. It was a matter of courage. At the first contact, her angelic voice setted free my nervousness and brought me down to earth instantly. We had a brief conversation via phone, agreed on date and time, associated practicalities and list of instructions, henceforth I was left with nothing but the aim to meeting her.
The place of meeting was literary out-of-sight and discrete but still easy to reach. I followed the instructions, rang the bell and waited – sweating all over with dry mouth. The moment the door was open, I was taken by the holiness of the place; the smell, the music and the scene beyond the door – as gazing into a star gate opened for the first time. It can’t be described but as a temple. I was invited in by a voice of invisible someone and then Mistress has appeared and greeted me with her so-comforting smile and superior manners. She kindly welcomed me to the temple. I can’t express enough how her presence is an overwhelming ironic mix, it put me on great ease, yet I was apprehended.
The details of the session will remain buried, but I am deliberately glad to share few insights. I was a fresh novice – from head to toes, total ignorant of what I want or might excites me. In my email to Mistress I was so honest about this and listed what activities I thought I might like but no scenario was mentioned. I apologised to Mistress in person thinking I am making it a burden on her, which I was totally wrong pity slave. Mistress is a natural Goddess who doesn’t act in sessions, but she lives the session as life style. In her presence I had no option but to adhere to her instructions and try my best to please her. At the beginning I was hopeless and powerless but to adhere and obey without waiting for a treat. My soul was taken - probably for eternity. Mistress took me to places I have never imagined, put me in situations where I was totally defenceless and most importantly she conquered my mind and captured it, nicely. She knew how and when to through a treat to me, in unexpected ways and moments. I tried to be obedient all the times, but I kept wishing secretly to be punished. The experience was like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean, struck by the Goddess storm which racked the boat and my life simultaneously, and nothing was to be done but to hold the breath, obey the waves and enjoy the rough journey. It was totally new experience, but, I have never felt unsafe. Instead, I felt I am safe to cry in her presences, and real love from her – or probably more accurate to say; mercy from her.
This experience has changed me forever, and I am so content that Mistress Selene accepted meeting me and allowed me to rediscover my inner soul in a joyful intense way. Paradoxically, I felt powerful after the session and filled with love at large. I told Goddess that it was my first time serving a mistress, but she didn’t believe me. I hope she does now… this is something I can’t wait to ask her in person at my next session soon.
She is not a Mistress, she is a real Goddess.

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