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Goddess Selene Manchester Mistress
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 by David
Encounter with Selene

The first thing to hit you is the sweet feminine gile. Followed secondly, in seconds, by a well placed hit (kick) just hard enough to put you in your place - placed at her sultry black stockinged, blue belt & gorgeous feet.

It was the first time I’d met her. My heart pounding in sync with her feet pounding me. In a flash, barely recovered from the jolt to my jewels - and she is behind me. I feel her solid legs, solidly lock around my waist. I’m on all fours, and feeling cornered - as she slowly, slides her arm snakelike under my chin and whispers in my ear. “This is what it feels like to have the life slowly throttled out of you” ... I try to resist but all 200lbs, of 6ft3 frame is powerless. I learn very quickly to beg with sincerity- which spares me.

.... The penetrating pain of an armbar opens my mouth to accept her nylon stockinged foot as far as she wants to push it - and it’s further than I’d choose, but I choose to accept.

The next hour I’m hers: in her charm, subdued by her power, weighed down by her control and relentlessly begging for her mercy, and gasping for air ... she grins as I feel faint while tangled, mercilessly in a triangle choke.

The phone rings, she tells me to lie still - a twisted ear convinces me to comply. She shows her cruel streak when she is calmest. I know instinctively to obey her, and become more subservient and aroused as time wears on, and as she wears me down.

As we finish I stand up, and use the opportunity to stare down into her heavenly eyes. It is a fleeting show of dominance as I feel a striking pain - her knee connects and I slump down (groaning and teary eyed) with her eyes above me - and finish finished, satisfied and humbled. Thank god she had mercy.

 by Graham
Experience of a lifetime

When writing a review , less is more - This experience with Selene was simply breathtaking. I was on my knees , humiliated physically and intellectually for the whole session. I won’t spoil it for first timers but wow , she is beautiful, charismatic and intelligent, I was mesmerised by her from the off .
One feature of my session was how she eats you alive with her eyes as she has you in her power, what a fucking thrill, loved it loved it loved it, I just hope I am worthy enough for another session 🙏🙏❤️❤️

 by Andrew
First session with Goddess Selene

It's not uncommon to come away from a first session with someone new feeling slightly disappointed, maybe things didn't go quite as planned, the reality didn't quite live up to the fantasy, etc.
What is very uncommon indeed is to come away from a first session having all your expectations totally surpassed and utterly blown out of the water. Feeling on such a high that you are already planning your next encounter before you've even got back to the car! Such was the case following my meeting with the utterly sublime Goddess Selene. I'm not hugely experienced in the world of BDSM, but have been around a bit and I did my research before the meet, I'd seen the pictures, read the other reviews and thought I knew what I was expecting. What I wasn't prepared for was the totally disarming experience of coming face to face with the mind blowing physical presence of the Goddess in person. If the goal of the session was to be made to feel physically inferior Goddess Selene achieves this by her presence alone. The other reviews I have read are all true she really is the most breathtakingly beautiful, statuesque vision of amazonian power and a true femme fatale. However, there is no arrogance or attitude one might expect from such a strikingly beautiful person. She has a charming, intoxicating personality and an understanding, down to earth manner that instantly puts you as ease. She listens intently to your requirements, expectations and limits and really cares about providing an experience that will exceed any expectations.
I'm not going to go into a blow by blow account of the session but everything I had requested was delivered and more some! She is a true professional but with an amazing insight...she intuitively seems to know which buttons to push and boy can she push! Her physical power and fitness are something you have to experience to appreciate. I'm 6' and quite stocky but alarmingly easily put in my place.
Would I return?
Without doubt, I'm completely intoxicated by a true Goddess. I can't imagine ever wanting to session with anyone else.

 by Jack
My first of many sessions to come with Mistress Selene!

First and foremost, what a powerful, beautiful and breathtaking woman Mistress Selene is!

My first ever session with Mistress Selene was nothing short of sheer perfection! When I first met her, I was shy and anxious but she put me at ease and was the most open and caring person! Kind, chatty, had a wicked sense of humour, nothing was too much trouble for her; everything you could possibly want and more!

Her scissor holds were so, so strong; squeezing every bit of energy out of me after only 5 minutes(probably even quicker than that, I’m just acting tough and edgy) she continuously preyed on every weakness I displayed and never let up for a second! Using a whole arsenal of moves; grapevines, figure fours, armbars, every move more lethal than the last!

She ensnared every sense, every fibre of me, holding me down, playing with me at her own leisure!

In short, if you are first-timer or have had many sessions before, choose Mistress Selene! You will worship her and fulfil her requests upon demand and will not regret a second! Even the sore neck I will have tomorrow will be totally worth it!

 by Anthony
Account of First Session with Goddess Selene of Manchester-Anthony March ‘20

Whatever images or notions you may have had in your head of Her beauty will be totally overshadowed by Her physical presence.

You will be so intoxicated by Her beauty that breathing will become a chore...

Should all your birthdays come together at once and you be permitted to session with Goddess Selene, you will experience what could only be described as the Perfect Woman, kind but most definitely in charge. No written account could respectfully capture enough the overwhelming feeling of passion for Her that will enter you heart if you are chosen.
You will be irrevocably moved by the controlled Dominance that exudes from this Mistress remembering that, if you are a novice masochist like me, She has spared the type of punishment you know that this supreme Goddess would like to have delivered to you, were you a hardened slave, but that you know may lay down the road waiting for you if re-summoned.

One last piece of advice for the brave… write and speak as perfectly as you can when addressing this Lady as there is a great likelihood that you will never encounter such an eloquently spoken and intelligent a person as this brilliant Woman. Besides obedience you will also have learned English from a magnificently perplexing Dominatrix.
The mental gymnastics that this most gracious Lady can exert on you is yet another example of the infinite and caring charge She will have over you… any sub fortunate enough to serve this Lady will learn to…
‘Ask not what Goddess Selene can do for you, ask what you can do for Goddess Selene’
If it were to be the penultimate act of your existence, beseech this adorable Woman to allow you to grace Her presence with every fiber that exists in your body…

 by Andy
Wrestling debut

I met Goddess Selene for the first time recently and had a fantastic wrestling and facesitting session with her. I had never wrestled before so I was a bit nervous. Goddess Selene put me at ease quickly and explained the basics of wrestling really well - I actually thought I was getting somewhere until she put some effort in and then I realised just how out-classed I was.

I'm a big guy, taller and heavier than she is but she is really strong which made for a super fun, physically tiring session. If you are thinking about giving fantasy wrestling a go I cannot recommend Goddess Selene highly enough. I am looking forward to many more bouts.

A quick word on the facesitting side of the session - Goddess Selene has an amazing ass, genuinely amazing and she is a really good facesitter.

We chatted between wrestles and I found her to be interesting and enjoyable company as well as beautiful and sexy.

 by Howard
Elegant and Strong

Mistress Selene is a one a million Lady with great style and finesse. She certainly knows what She is doing in the CP and nipple torture department. Delivered with style and accuracy!! Furthermore I have not had the pleasure of submitting to a stronger or more elegant Lady. This is a Lady you want to be visiting. She has clearly spent many hours in the gym perfecting her body. Her way is so graceful and understanding. I will be returning. Thanks again Howard

 by Eddy
Remember the name Goddess Selene!!

The session took place during her London visit (March 2019), We arranged an Fullweight Facesitting Session. As for me I'm quite an experienced seat when it comes to facesitting and I like it heavy.

When I got to see Goddess Selene in person she was Smokin' Hot, I mean absolutely gorgeous her make-up was on point, her body was toned,and athlectic her bottom is simply perfection makes Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian look run-of-the-mill!!! She towered over me with ease I was like breast height at best!! I enjoyed my session with her she knows how to use her bottom to turn pain into pleasure!! Her bottom was made to wear thongs and NO WORD of a lie what you see in photos on this site is what you see in person!!

I loved our time together it went like the speed of light, I got what a wanted which was a bruised nose by her famous bottom, I'm sure she was happy with her results to my nose...

Would I ever session her again?! HELL YEAH!! Goddess Selene is fantastic from her voice to her strength to her gorgeous looks!! I will look forward to next time, hoping she will bruise me!! as they say "No Pain No Gain"

The Best There Is, The Best There Was & The Best There Ever Will Be!

Fellas seriously if you want to be blown away look no further this Lady makes Brexit look easy!!

I will look forward to the next chapter of the Eddy vs Goddess Selene Sega!

 by Dave
Great first session

I have just had my first session with Mistress Selene, and as somebody who has been sessioning for almost thirty five years, I was genuinely impressed. She is a confident, intelligent, and accomplished dominatrix and possesses all the characteristics that naturally appeal to those with genuine masochistic tendencies. Mistress Selene is tall, fit, and athletic. She has a great physique and uses her strength in a controlled and direct fashion. She is also excellent at role play. I particularly enjoy a prison punishment and interrogation scenario centering around ballbusting, punching, kicking, kneeing, and trampling. Mistress Selene inhabited the head of discipline role in a totally convincing fashion, interpreted and adapted the scenario with imagination and intelligence, and really delivered. In the process she combined severity and sensuality in an intoxicating mix. Finally she

used verbal threats to intimidate and heighten the atmosphere further. In all, it was one of the best first sessions I have had with a mistress and anybody else with masochistic tendencies should not deny themselves the opportunity to visit.

 by Chas

I admit I have been a bit of a flitter when it comes to tops, but I have been stuck with Selene for some time now, and, after a real barnstormer this week, I ask myself why?....Is it because of her beauty and bodily charms?..or is it her positive personality?..or her creativity to make every meet different and fresh?...or is it just because she convinces me that it is our session for both our fun, and not just her fulfilling my requests? .....Who knows?...but I do know one thing, I will be knocking on her door again.

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