Strap-ons & Pegging

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I was in my early twenties when I heard about pegging, about women fucking men with a strap-on.

It was an ex boyfriend that had mentioned it to me and from that point I was intrigued. He had never done anything like it but we were both interested in giving it a shot, so we decided to give it a go. He told me that he’d already had some experience playing with his own arse a little but had never had anyone else there. That night was dedicated to his arse.

I wanted to start with prostrate massaging, I was baffled to find out that men could cum without touching anything but their prostrate.

I got the lube and put a little rubber glove on, the prostate is located on the stomach side of the anal canal, and usually about 2 or 3 inches inside. His was about three inches inside, I took care to find and then stroke the prostate, I rubbed side to side, I rubbed with the ‘come hither’ that you would for the G-Spot in a woman and I pressed up towards his stomach with a back and forward motion. At first I was nervous, asking myself if this was even doing anything for him, and if I was doing it right. By the end I was grinning ear to ear, not only had he cum like I hadn’t seen before, but the liberation and the power that I felt from him writhing around was immense.

Since that my boyfriend and myself had gotten so comfortable with anal play that we were ready to buy a strap-on and consider pegging. I ordered a strap-on online and I was so excited for it to arrive and to begin this new chapter in my sex life.

The strap-on arrived and we’d planned to spend the whole night with the strap-on. When we started at first it felt like I’d entered some kind of alternate reality, the man who had been fucking me was now on his back with his knees by his ears. The sight was liberating, beautiful and enlightening.

Since then I’ve been infatuated with the desire to fuck men with a strap-on, pegging is exciting and goes against everything we’re taught about sex, yet it feels so intimate and exhilarating.

My height, prowess, strength and fitness gives me the stamina and skill to really fuck a man.

If this is something that you’re even slightly curious about, contact me today.

Goddess Selene

X x

My First Blog

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Welcome to my Blog, I’m Goddess Selene, I’m a Mistress based in Manchester and with this blog I intend to frequently post news, updates and my availability to keep my fans and my readers up to date with what I’m up to, what I’m interested in and what I want from my slaves and fans.

I’ve always been interested in the world of BDSM and being a Mistress, I wanted to write a blog so you can hear my voice and read what I am up to.

I’ve been a full time Mistress for 6 months now – I adore being a mistress, I am a strong, powerful woman and I can really express myself in my mistress role.

At the moment my favourite part of being a mistress, where I thrive, is Role Play.

I love dressing up and putting myself into character for my slaves, I feel like Role Play will be my niche in this industry as I can really throw myself into the role and I enjoy every minute of it.

When we first meet we will discuss your experience and your interests so that we can get more acquainted. If you are looking for Role Play, it will be great for both of us both if you can describe to me in more detail the scenario, even if you can write a script for us that would make the session even more fun!

I expect you to discuss some detail when you phone me, but not in any graphic detail. The more you can inform me as your Mistress about exactly what you want from our session, the more we will both enjoy it.

I enjoy every part of being a Mistress, and I want to keep flourishing and learning as I carry on. In this blog I will update you with what I’m doing, what I’ve learnt, where I will be and everything else in between. I want to point you towards my review page, this will give you an impression of what my clients have to say about past sessions. If you would like to see your session review on there, please feel free to write your own via the reviews page.

I am a very organized, composed woman, and I always answer my emails, my voicemails and my messages. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I am contacted, there is no patience in waiting for my reply. I am not always available to answer my phone, or reply to an email straight away, I am a busy woman! However I ALWAYS get back to any email or message I receive as soon as I can, so please be patient, wait for me, I am worth it.

Goddess Selene x x x