Female supremacy is not a fetish….it’s an empirical reality!

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Female supremacy is not a fetish….it’s an empirical reality!

The facts are in and women win!!

While women have traditionally been oppressed, this does not make us the weaker sex in fact as time progresses there are more scientifically proven reasons why we are definitely and absolutely superior to men:

  • We live longer
  • We have a higher pain threshold. (An evolutionary adaption from childbirth)
  • We have higher social and emotional intelligence than men
  • We are less violent and less aggressive. (Serial killers and sexual sadists are mostly men)
  • We are less likely to suffer from chromosone related illnesses these illnesses mainly affect men therefore women have a huge health advantage
  • We experience the growth of new life within our bodies, this and childbirth gives us a better understanding and appreciation of the world. This gift gives us an unparalleled advantage to our male counterparts.
  • Lastly, women can be multi orgasmic! Something men only dream about….

Men are perhaps stronger physically than women but to think that they are superior to us by virtue of brute strength is like saying that certain animal species i.e. (lions) are superior to humans!

Men should be used for menial tasks around the house i.e. cleaning cooking washing ironing….perhaps even as functional furniture???

Women are superior, the powerful ones, the organisers, the decision makers, the bread winners, able to multitask and take control of situations and we are mentally stronger by far.

To conclude, if you ever have the pleasure or opportunity to be in my company you will be made to understand that you are inferior, weaker, unimportant, insignificant, and only to be used for menial tasks…





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Happy New Year!

I am currently away until the 9th of January.

From the 9th of January I am available at the dungeon in Manchester:

Tuesday: 11am – late

Wednesday: 11am – late

Thursday: 11am – late

Fridag: 11am – late

Saturday: Appointments only. Deposit Required to book.

Any Appointments after 5pm will require Deposit.

Call 07398 020265

Goddess Selene x x

A True Amazonian Goddess

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Most of my subs, slaves, sissyboys, clients and friends often describe me as ‘Amazonian’. This is, I am assuming is because of my stature, height and strength, if you have had the pleasure of meeting me you will know this already…

In Greek mythology, Amazonian women were a tribe of female warriors. They were the daughters of the Greek gods Ares and Harmonia.

I have always loved reading about Greek Mythology, and this is why I choose the name ‘SELENE’ meaning ‘Goddess of the Moon’ strong, beautiful and bright.

When people refer to me as ‘Amazonian’ it reminds me of my strength and the power that women can hold over men. When in heels I stand at well over 6ft tall and I feel that not only can I captivate men I can also destroy them!

Powerful yet Sensual, I am all that an amazonian woman represents. Amazonian women fought and died like men with lion hearts, they battled better and wilder than any man could.

When I am dominating a man I feel this power and I understand why people see me as Amazonian, I am able to control any situation, standing sure that I am the most powerful person in the room. Confident in my abilities to make men crumble and submit in every way to me.

When you are worshipping me at my feet, I am at my best, why blend in when you naturally meant to stand out from the crowd?

Come and find out what it is like to be entirely dominated, submit to and be seduced by a true amazonian goddess……

Strap-ons & Pegging

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I was in my early twenties when I heard about pegging, about women fucking men with a strap-on.

It was an ex boyfriend that had mentioned it to me and from that point I was intrigued. He had never done anything like it but we were both interested in giving it a shot, so we decided to give it a go. He told me that he’d already had some experience playing with his own arse a little but had never had anyone else there. That night was dedicated to his arse.

I wanted to start with prostrate massaging, I was baffled to find out that men could cum without touching anything but their prostrate.

I got the lube and put a little rubber glove on, the prostate is located on the stomach side of the anal canal, and usually about 2 or 3 inches inside. His was about three inches inside, I took care to find and then stroke the prostate, I rubbed side to side, I rubbed with the ‘come hither’ that you would for the G-Spot in a woman and I pressed up towards his stomach with a back and forward motion. At first I was nervous, asking myself if this was even doing anything for him, and if I was doing it right. By the end I was grinning ear to ear, not only had he cum like I hadn’t seen before, but the liberation and the power that I felt from him writhing around was immense.

Since that my boyfriend and myself had gotten so comfortable with anal play that we were ready to buy a strap-on and consider pegging. I ordered a strap-on online and I was so excited for it to arrive and to begin this new chapter in my sex life.

The strap-on arrived and we’d planned to spend the whole night with the strap-on. When we started at first it felt like I’d entered some kind of alternate reality, the man who had been fucking me was now on his back with his knees by his ears. The sight was liberating, beautiful and enlightening.

Since then I’ve been infatuated with the desire to fuck men with a strap-on, pegging is exciting and goes against everything we’re taught about sex, yet it feels so intimate and exhilarating.

My height, prowess, strength and fitness gives me the stamina and skill to really fuck a man.

If this is something that you’re even slightly curious about, contact me today.

Goddess Selene

X x